Strategic Climate Change Communications



Strategic Climate Change Communications


About Us

We are a strategic communications platform offering the tools, strategies and coaching to help you craft and deliver effective climate change messaging.

Breaking the Climate Silence

We are shifting the climate narrative away from inaction, doubt and confusion, and toward constructive and positive conversation.

Impact Communications

People do not connect to abstract notions and raw scientific data, so we craft messaging that is audience-relevant and solution-oriented.

Creative Storytelling

We believe in the synergy of art, science and design to convey our climate reality and inspire people to act.



Our services are designed to ensure your climate change messaging is well-informed, customized, solutions-oriented, strategically-delivered and high-impact.


Our Services

We follow a holistic methodology designed to assess and meet the communication needs of all of our clients.


Research + Analysis

Conducting data-driven research, qualitative assessments, scenario-analysis, and fact-finding to deliver on best practices and tailor messaging to target groups and audiences.

Communication Strategy

Offering customized communication tools and strategies with compelling and dynamic content. Drawing on the powerful synergy of visual arts and science to inspire climate action.

Performance Assessment

Post hoc support tracking the deployment of recommendations in practice. Sharing results to determine success and refine communication initiatives.



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