Good News Digest #17

Bridgwater, England, United Kingdom. Photo by    Ryan Searle    on    Unsplash

Bridgwater, England, United Kingdom. Photo by Ryan Searle on Unsplash


Bad news related to climate change is hitting us at all angles. Fear and urgency are dominating the climate conversation. Yet positive climate stories and solutions are equally, if not more effective drivers of climate action.

They prove that solutions are working and are ready to be scaled. They show that nature is resilient and comes up with surprising ways of preserving itself. They send a clear signal to governments, policymakers, corporations and the wider public that there is a growing demand for cleaner technology and climate policy.

If you feel like you are drowning in bad news, we have collected lasts week’s climate change success stories to get you through the week.

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The German Environment Ministry drafted a bill to ban single-use plastic bags.

Proposed legislation by California lawmakers is the first to make plastic manufacturers take responsibility for the fate of their single-use products.

Prince Charles donated nettles from his home in Gloucestershire to form part of a sustainable fashion line of dresses by Vin + Omi.


Renewable energy capacity has officially quadrupled across the planet over the past decade.

Saudi Arabia's ACWA Power announced plans to devote 70% of their portfolio to renewable energy projects.

India has already achieved half of its renewable energy production target: 175GW by 2022.

Hyundai Motor Group announced plans to enter the renewable energy market.


Check out how pulling CO2 out of the air via carbon capture and using it could be a trillion-dollar business.

Three leading UK energy companies, Drax Group, Equinor and National Grid Ventures, have launched an initiative to reduce the carbon footprint of their industrial facilities.

The climate-change-denying US Chamber of Commerce is now starting to see the value of carbon pricing as an alternative to regulation.

A new lawsuit in Ontario, Canada asserts that forcing gas stations to display anti-carbon tax stickers is illegal because it compels gas station owners to express the government's position.


Check out this electric dump truck that never needs to plug in: called the eDumper, it charges its battery with its brakes.

Over 1 million electric or plug-in hybrid cars are expected to be sold across Europe next year as carmakers try avoiding fines under new emissions rules.

Prince Harry launched a sustainable travel initiative called Travalyst, in collaboration with, Ctrip, Skyscanner, TripAdvisor and Visa.

Politics + Activism

U.S. Democratic presidential candidates are embracing bigger ideas to tackle the climate crisis than ever before.

Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger attacked the US for rolling back on environmental measures.

To call attention to the climate crisis, Swiss curator Klaus Littmann transformed an Austrian football stadium into a native forest.

Over 900 Amazon employees plan to join the global climate change walkout on September 20.


In Campo Grande, Brazil, blue-and-gold macaw parrots are seeing their population rise.

Over the next five years, Timberland plans to plant 50 million trees.

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